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A Sénégalaise

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"My interest in the clash between the ethnic and the western has existed for some time."

Models: Yannick Bandora & Maartje Kemps
MUA: Emma Catry

Photographer: Vincent Van den Dries


In the summer of 2017, I spent a month in Senegal, where I was lucky enough to work in a textile workshop for two weeks. Many of my ideas for my third-year collection originated there, and the fabrics I made there are also included in my collection. My collection is thus in fact the result of my ethnic costume, which is based on the Bassari from Senegal. Although this journey was a great source of inspiration, my interest in the clash between the ethnic and the western culture has existed for some time. The contradiction between the mix of the West and African culture gives new possibilities to the way people can dress. Multiculturalism is a fact today, and its expression in clothing shows how people are looking for a new identity.

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