Fake a life

"Take a selfie, fake a life."


Models: Xandra Bleyen, Noemi De Broeder, Lies Lambrechts
Fotograaf: Valerie De Backer
MUA: Charlotte Blommaert


The collection revolves around Marie Antoinette and on the other hand around the boxing world. With this combo, I want to portray a kind of 'fake' social media life. For example, girls who post pictures in sports outfits but have no intention of exercising at all. Marie Antoinette had a life "everyone dreamed of", in Versailles, with beautiful dresses, wealth, food,… All this, of course, was just her picture to the outside world. She was captured by France, and had no will of her own. Not so perfect at all. Like many profiles on the internet, they seem perfect but are anything but. The boxing world stands for the freedom of your own life. Wanting to flee from the world you are in. Marie Antoinette broke free from all obligations and corsets. She was locked up in a golden cage.