"What is a perfect world and how does it look like?"

Models: AnnieJozie, Lissa Morre, Piasecki Jessica, Matias Leiva, Alissia Kabundi, Parel Coone, La Perle Noire, Susan Smith, Max Keustermans
Photographer: Vincent Van Den Dries

MUA: Emma Catry, Catia Nulens


This collection is based on man’s unease in today’s society. The starting point is the question: ‘What does the perfect world look like for you?’. The world is constantly changing, but it is not necessarily improving. The pessimism about the future is a general feeling that is familiar to many. Everyone has their own opinion about how we can improve the future of the world. It is on the basis of this diversity of solutions that I have come up with twelve types, twelve ‘world improvers’. In this way I want to make people think. What does your world look like? How do you contribute to our future? But also, how do you ensure that your answer contributes to a collective solution to the problems that we face?

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